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Cultivate Data, Harvest Results. Precision Farming is a service brand of Precision Agriculture (a subsidiary of LM10 Corporation). It is an agricultural consultancy provider that proposes and implements solutions for land productivity and plant cultivation. Apart from this being our brand, what is the definition of precision farming? Precision farming is an approach to land management using information technology for accurate crop production. LM10 Corporation, as an agricultural business, is driven to help farmers and landowners achieve better returns through optimal land use.

The Philippines remains uncompetitive in the agricultural sector, even though there is much potential for growth. In fact, in terms of the agricultural trade balance, the Philippines usually ends up as a net importer of food. The expertise of LM10 and its subsidiaries is actively investing in the agricultural sector, with the goal of converting the Philippines into an agri-export country.

Companies need to drive solutions to social problems and with your help, and we can create total societal impact. According to our country’s Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), “Land has a social function and land ownership has a social responsibility. Owners of agricultural lands have the obligation to cultivate directly or through labor administration the lands they own and thereby make the land productive”. The Philippines also has an increasing adoption rate of technology in farming and since farming is land and labor-intensive, increase in the use of precision farming is thereby helpful in increasing efficiency and managing costs.

So what does LM10 Corporation do for farmers and landowners in the Philippines? With LM10’s Precision Farming, it works on the following services to improve agricultural productivity:

  • The Resource Assessment Report (RAR). The RAR of LM10 Corporation provides landowners and agri-entrepreneurs a comprehensive solution to discover the agricultural opportunities and the features of their land. Our process begins with the land assessment, gathering historical data in order to determine which crops are suitable for plantation. By enabling data, farmers, agri-investors, and financiers will gain the confidence to invest into high return and sustainable businesses.
  • Advanced Farming Analysis and Tools.We use tools for smart water management, crop performance analysis, crop protection, variable rate seeding, and balanced nutrition for soil.
  • New Technology Implementations. We continuously conduct research and development. With this, farmers can experience the most recent information on crop production for their lands. We conduct agronomic trials as well, with demonstration from our plot farm and interacting with stakeholders.
  • Training. We provide courses and seminars for farmers who lack the technical, analytical, economic, and know-how. We believe in capacity building through training, to empower small to medium landowners and farmers, to strengthen local economies.
  • Trading. We trade production directly to end users. We distribute fresh, local, and organic high value crops (at fixed and competitive prices) to institutions, retailers, and private consumers.

Now that you know a little about Precision Farming, work and invest with us! There are so many ways. Do you have idle lands? Do you also believe in the potential of our country’s agricultural sector and want to partner up with us?

We definitely need your help, and you definitely need ours. Spread the word about #PrecisionFarming and let’s help our Filipino farmers. If you want to collaborate with us at LM10 Corporation, reach us through:

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Or email us directly at: precision@lm10.ph

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