Engineering Services

What We Do

We offer engineering services to companies and clients in the agricultural business that are interested in recycling food by-products to create protein meals and blood meals, establishing feed mills, constructing biogas plants to generate electricity, and providing wastewater treatment facilities.

Our Services

LM10 provides the necessary services and solutions in establishing rendering plants, feed mills, wastewater treatment facilities, and biogas plants to ensure smooth operations.


See how our engineers can help your company in solving agribusiness cases.


LM10 provides assistance in construction of buildings for plants.


LM10's engineers can assist you in setting up equipment in your facilities.


LM10 can provide the equipment you need for rendering operations, blood meal production (such as blood coagulator), electricity generation, and wastewater treatment.


LM10's engineers can create plant designs fit for your company's needs.


LM10 continuously improves their services through extensive research on agribusiness technology.

Products & Processes

LM10 offers equipment suitable for rendering processes, feeds production, electricity generation from biogas, and wastewater treatment processes.

Feather Press

This equipment will separate the water content of feathers before it can be used for cooking.

Screw Conveyor

This equipment changes the liquid state or blood to a semi-solid state.


Cookers are used to prepare, decontaminate, and hydrolyze products. It is also capable of drying but it would be more efficient to use a dryer.


This equipment reduces the moisture content of the product after the cooking process.

Blood Coagulator

This equipment changes the liquid state or blood to a semi-solid state.

Blood Centrifuge

Blood centrifuges are used to separate plasma from the blood.

Vibrating Screen

Used to seperate fine particles from coarse particles.

Hammer Mill

Its function is to crush the coarse particles coming from the vibrating screen.


Provides heat during the cooking process


It is an odor control equipment used to eliminate pollutants by adding water.


This type of heat exchanger is used to condense vapor.


This equipment is used to separate solid particles from gases


This equipment is used to deliver fluids

Weighing Scale

This equipment is used to measure the weight of materials.