Discover LM10

Who We Are

LM10 Corporation was founded in 2012 with the goal of cultivating and building opportunities in the Agriculture and Food Related Sectors of the Philippines. We believe in bringing people and technology together as we invest in businesses driven to bring innovation in agriculture.

At LM10, we are committed to supporting local farmers and independent firms through introducing advanced technological solutions and machineries brought to achieve better results.

“Today’s Innovation in Agriculture” was built by our 40 years of heritage from Argentina and Brazil and has been entrusted to continue in sharing our experience to the rest. With that, we are aspires to nurture the agricultural productivity and help boost Philippines’ potential.


To become the Philippines’ leading Agriculture & Food conglomerate and to enhance the lives of Filipinos by contributing local and international expertise, network and innovative technology.



livelihood for 
the Farmers


Promote Biodiversity and Good Environmental Practices


Commitment to 
delivering Social
and Economic 


to Market’s Demand

Core Values

People Values

We believe in building mutual understanding and synergies by valuing strong relationships between our people and clients.


We strive to lead the country by introducing new technologies and developing innovative solutions catered to the needs of the clients.


We are committed to consistently deliver quality products, services, and experiences to the highest standard.

Fun & Culture

We are not an ordinary company. Our aim is to bring life to the agriculture field and make it more fun in the Philippines.

Our Expertise

LM10 Corporation and its group of companies are actively investing in the agricultural sector with the goal of converting the Philippines into an agri-export country.



LM10 ventures into different projects by investing its financial resources and sharing its expertise and know-how in the field. We form new partnerships and companies, We render machines, we train for manpower, and we strive to meet the needs of the clients with the common goal of improving agricultural productivity.



LM10 drives innovation in agriculture by introducing high-quality technologies from overseas. Furthermore, we offer solutions for clients looking to upgrade farming equipment, exploit new softwares, and acquire new machineries.



LM10 performs feasibility studies for turnkey projects, from creating to implementing designs, selecting to importing advance technologies, from testing to commissioning the necessary equipment and ensure an outstanding execution. Throughout the process, we assure continuous communication with our clients.



LM10 offers consultancy services and studies that involves agricultural solutions for the optimisation of land productivity and improvement of animal growth. In each of the studies, we support the clients with data and analysis reports on financial, technological, supply and demand, and overall farm management to assure a profitable output.

Our Companies

Together with the help and support of its partners, LM10 has invested four different sister companies that focus in different agricultural sectors but at the same time they are all interrelated.

Precision Agriculture is the subsidiary company of LM10 that focuses on the provision of comprehensive solutions and implementations to idle lands, by integrating advanced technologies and conducting feasibility studies and analysis reports for crop performances and land development.

Bionova Livestock Group is the first company to bring advanced livestock genetics into the Philippines. Our expertise helps boost dairy and beef production with the objective of transforming the Philippines into one of the leading exporters of livestock genetics.

Vienovo Philippines is a manufacturing company that produces all-natural animal feeds caters to supply nutrients to animals and advancement in health.