Bionova Livestock Group is one of the first companies in the Philippines to bring the best biotech practices in the cattle industry. With our determination to deliver profitable growth to the livestock industry, we have committed ourselves into developing precise cattle care solutions. The company has been continuously dedicating its support in providing sustainable growth in the livestock industry. Our goal is to promote our streamlines supply chain in making beef and dairy accessible to the Filipino market.

Bionova can offer the following services for your cattle farm:

  1. Farm Assessment and Evaluation. An initial visit will be arranged to know the condition of the farm. A complete report will be prepared to estimate the potential of the land/animals, the needs of the farmer, and other requirements. We customize our services based on expansion capacity.
  2. Reproductive Services. We do Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI), Breeding Programs, Fixed Time Embryo Transfer Program (FTET), Gynecologic Ultrasound, and Andrology.
  3. Nutritional Services. Via consultancy, we recommend feeding programs for dairy and beef cattle. Bionova has partnered up with Vienovo Philippines, a high value feed product manufacturer, to produce complete nutritional solutions customized according to the resources of the farm.
  4. Health Services. The productivity of the livestock sector is compromised due to diseases that can cause huge economic loss. We provide services such as confirmatory disease diagnostics, hemo analysis, microbiological testing, and deworming/vaccination programs.
  5. Genetics, Livestock, and Products. Our genetics from New Zealand, Australia, and the United States are based on world class progeny test and genomic technology. We also plan selection and purchase of live cattle together with the farmer according to breed type, biotype, and reproductive status.
  6. Training Cycles. We offer two types of courses for anyone interested. These are 3-day seminars on either Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) or on Reproductive Use of Ultrasound in Cattle. Schedule your seminars/trainings with us!
  7. Dairy Facilities and Technology. Bionova Livestock Group is an exclusive distributor of Afimilk, a global manufacturer of technologies, milk parlors, and products for dairy farms.

Do you work with a cattle farm? Interested in improving your beef and dairy production? Get in touch with us! You may reach out through:

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