LM10 Corporation has its own in-house laboratory, called AgriLab. AgriLab is a chemical testing laboratory which conducts analysis of the samples from Precision Farming and also offers individual testing of feeds, cattle health, food, soil, water and wastewater samples. Agricultural laboratory testing is important simply because there are issues, in relation to safety and health (especially in the Philippines), that surround those who consume food, water, and agricultural-related products.

What are our laboratory services?

  1. Soil Testing. It is vital to test the nutrients in soil, especially since it can affect crop production. Harmful contaminants can be due to fertilizer overuse.
  2. Water and Wastewater Testing. Laboratories should conduct water testing to check for bacteria present in water, since it can be harmful both to the environment and to the health of consumers.
  3. Cattle Health Testing. Disease and blood testing is significant for cattle health, as cattle is a huge part of beef and dairy production.
  4. Feeds Testing. Feeds are tested as animals’ nutrition plays a big factor in the food and agricultural industry. Safety and health risks can be prevented from entering the food chain, through laboratory testing.
  5. Food Testing. Safety and health in the food or products we consume/intake is important, hence the laboratory analysis on its components.

Agrilab is one of the fastest laboratories in the Philippines that offers testing/analysis for its clients, with a turnaround time for results of around five (5) days. Our laboratory usually offers testing on products such as food and water of different establishments, or agricultural testing such as testing on feeds.

AgriLab is currently accredited by the following organizations: DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources), PNP (Philippine National Police), PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency), and the BAI (Bureau of Animal Industry). AgriLab is also accredited internationally by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and is a member of the AOAC (Association of Official Analytical Chemists). This laboratory of LM10 Corporation is planning to garner even more accreditations in the near future.

Accreditations of AgriLab

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