Together with LM10, Pyrotech Solution & Integrated Services Corp. (PSISC) has opened a compact rendering facility and a meal press in Calamba, Laguna. The Batangas-based company specializes in waste management and the facilities mark the company’s foray into poultry process management.

Compared with large-scale rendering facilities, compact rendering plants require minimal initial capital investment and generally suit facilities that produce low waste in terms of mass. These plants have the ability to process poultry waste from feathers, mortalities, and other waste not consumable to humans. Meal presses, meanwhile, process rejected meat.

PSISC, established in 2008, is a 100% Filipino owned corporation. As a total waste management service company, it processes medical, domestic, and residual waste. The company provides transport and treatment disposal of wastes within Region 4- A and has an expanding line of services locally and internationally.