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Bionova is currently the exclusive distributing partner of Afimilk in the Philippines. Afimilk is the global leader in developing, manufacturing,… Read more
With Bionova Livestock Group, the response of FTAI (Fixed time Artificial Insemination) in the Philippines has been positive so far.… Read more
Bionova Livestock Group is the pioneer of Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI). FTAI is a reproductive method that uses precise… Read more
Bionova Livestock Group is one of the first companies in the Philippines to bring the best biotech practices in the… Read more
LM10 Corporation has its own in-house laboratory, called AgriLab. AgriLab is a chemical testing laboratory which conducts analysis of the… Read more
Cultivate Data, Harvest Results. Precision Farming is a service brand of Precision Agriculture (a subsidiary of LM10 Corporation). It is… Read more
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