01 May 2017

In partnership with LM10, Chicumi Trading has inaugurated a compact rendering plant in Rizal, Bulacan.

Compact rendering facilities generally suit plants that produce lower waste in terms of mass. The plants take care of processing mortality, feathers, blood and other animal waste, with animal meal, a high-protein digestible, as output.

Compared with large-scale rendering facilities, compact rendering plants require minimal initial capitalization.

Chicumi has several plants also located in the Rizal area.

01 May 2017

The Umali Group of Companies, a San Miguel Foods partner, has decided to team up with LM10 to install two zero-emission compact rendering plants. Compared with large-scale rendering facilities, LM10’s compact rendering plants better suit low-waste facilities and offer the advantage of having a smaller initial capital investment.

The plants process feathers, mortalities, and other waste not consumable to humans, with the output of the process being animal meal, a high-protein digestible, which can be used as feeds for aquaculture.

The Umali Group of Companies has its main office in Parañaque City, Metro Manila.

01 Aug 2014

Integrated Meat & Poultry Processing Inc. (IMPPI) has tapped LM10 to turn its dressing plant into a zero-waste plant.

According to IMPPI President Richard Legaspi, the firm decided to partner with LM10 to supply them with the right technology to process feathers generated in the facility. LM10 supplied IMPPI with FIMACO equipment from Argentina; namely, aero condensers, batch cookers, biomass dryers, crushers and shakers.

A Bataan-based agro-business firm, IMPPI is a contract-processor of poultry for San Miguel Corporation and Bounty Fresh Food, Inc. It is one of only two Philippine companies authorized to export processed chicken to South Korea.
While IMPPI’s dressing plant is currently under installation, LM10 has delivered all the FIMACO equipment to the company.