LM10 is a Filipino Company
founded in February 2012 with Argentine Capital
built on 40 years of experience

LM10 is a Filipino company founded in February 2012 with Argentine capital. Its main objective is to invest and bring agribusiness technology to the Philippines by partnering with local players and implementing its agribusiness joint venture models. The company is supported by its partners from Argentina and Brazil who have more than 40 years of experience leading in the development of efficient and quality technology in agriculture.

LM10 services include training of local technicians and workers, development of complete reports on existing agribusiness, process improvement, and technical and investment analysis, among others. LM10 has a panel of experienced and qualified experts in each field, providing a complete consultancy service for the agricultural sector.


  • To infuse capital and know-how and be the leading providers of technology, input, and education in the agriculture sector in the Philippines;

  • To strengthen the linkages between the production chain and the consumers with a focus on community-building;

  • To educate the country on the importance of agriculture to the economy and to society;

  • To be significant investors in agribusinesses in the Philippines.


We believe in the potential of the country, and more importantly, we understand agriculture. LM10 wants to help bring Philippine agriculture to a world-class level using the leading technology, processes, products and education. Our vision is to supply and invest in agribusiness technology in order to maximize efficiency and improve quality for the Philippines to become one of the leading agro-exporter nations in Southeast Asia.

Our  Philosophy

Agriculture employs a third of the population but close to half of Filipino farm households live in abject poverty, and just one-tenth of the Philippines’ gross domestic product (GDP) comes from the sector. LM10 believes agriculture is important to society and that Philippine agriculture has the potential to be a significant contributor to economic growth.


At LM10, we believe in offering our technology with our capital. We have over 40 years of experience in Brazil and Argentina and we partner with local firms in the Philippines to help them grow and boost their productivity. Together with our partners, we are actively investing in the agricultural sector in order to help transform the Philippines into an agro-export country.


LM10 participates as a shareholder in agri-technology projects with its clients. For every venture, a new corporation is formed and investments from all the parties are pooled according to the agreed sharing. LM10 executes the project, but conditions are ad hoc to every project contract.


LM10 provides the agri-technology needed by the client and offers options that adapt to the client’s unique demands. The company sources its equipment and technology from Argentina, Brazil, and China.


LM10 executes the feasibility study for each turnkey project, from going through designs, selecting the appropriate technology, and the importing, testing and commissioning of the necessary equipment.

At every decision, there’s a constant communication with the client.


LM10 offers consultancy services for its clients for the purchase of new technology and the execution of feasibility studies for potential projects. Our feasibility study service includes supply and demand analysis, technology analysis, management analysis, and financial analysis.


Nico Bolzico

Founder and CEO

Federico “Coco” Krause

Head of GENEX Biotech

Saira Sanchez

Head of Accounting

David Pestano

Head of Engineering

Keith Wang

Head of China Relations

Daniel Rouiller

Head of Rendering

Jorge Agustin Agote

Head of Precision Agriculture

Alfonso Serrano

Head of Livestock Genetics

Schel David

Head of Chemist