01 Jan 2015

Vitarich Corp., the Philippines’ industry leader in feeds and poultry production, has partnered with LM10 to build two compact rendering plants in Davao. The facilities have been working at full capacity since September 2014, with plans for further expansion in the near future.

Founded in 1950, Vitarich is one of the country’s leading integrators. The company recently set its sights on growing its business in Mindanao, and in line with this, teamed with LM10 to turn its facilities into zero-waste rendering plants.

The rendering plants can take care of processing mortality, feathers, blood and any other animal waste that’s not consumed by humans. Instead of waste, the output of the facilities is now animal meal, a high-protein digestible, which can be used as feed for aquaculture.
Vitarich had earlier partnered with LM10 to upgrade its facility in Marilao, a benchmark for the local industry.