Vitarich Corporation has partnered with LM10 to expand its rendering plant in Marilao, Bulacan.

After Vitarich plant manager Ed Lazo visited our FIMACO facilities in Argentina, Vitarich decided to improve its odor control system and expand their rendering line,” according to LM10 president Nico Bolzico.

The Marilao plant has been working at full capacity with zero odor emissions since July 2014. LM10 added to the facility aero condensers, scrubbers, batch cookers, cooling meals, feather presses and shakers.

Founded in 1950 by the Sarmiento brothers, Vitarich is one of the Philippines’ pioneers in leading integrator of feeds and poultry production.  The company’s activities include the production and distribution of various poultry products such as live and dressed chicken. In addition, the company caters to livestocks and aquaculture by-product feeds.

Prior to the upgrade, Vitarich had to temporarily close down the Marilao plant after receiving several complaints due to bad odors associated with the facility. Since partnering with LM10, however, the rendering plant has become one of the benchmarks for the industry.