18 Feb 2013

LM10 is ready to open its 3rd rendering plant in the Philippines.

LM10 has signed an agreement to settle its third rendering plant in the Philippines founding Cagayan de Oro Rendering Inc. This plant will include the process of feathers and blood from its partners: Gama Foods Inc., Anakciano Incorporated and St. Jude Dressing Plant and Slaughter House. A key partner in the Joint Venture is Grains Innovations and Solutions Inc. (Grainsco). The plant will be located in the Barangay Upper Puerto in Cagayan de Oro is expected to be operating by July 2013.

The plant will employ 20 people and will have a capacity of producing 200,000 kilograms of feather and blood meal per month. The plant is completely environmentally friendly with an Aero Condenser and Jet Scrubber controlling the potential smells and a “Three Stages Waste Water Treatment” assuring the biochemical oxygen demand content required by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Through the Joint Venture the corporation Misamis Oriental Rendering was born, looking at being one of the most advanced rendering plants in south East Asia. Most of its part will be fabricated locally with the supervision of LM10 engineers.

13 Feb 2013

LM10 Corporation was invited by Camelia Sucu to develop agriculture in Romania. Ms. Sucu, the most active and successful business woman in Romania, has decided to explore and develop agriculture in Romania, identifying the high potential the country posses, only limited by politics and bureaucracy. Today, the government of Romania has position Agriculture as a priority in order to transform the country towards the development of the sector. The exploratory visit took place between the 24th to the 31st of October.

The identified sectors to develop were: Corn/Soja: Harvest and Post Harvest Meat Production: Pasture and Feedlot Feather Rendering Plant; in partnership with large chicken producer The video underneath shows some of the potential land where the project will take place.

Within the visit, LM10 was invited to witness the agri-expo Indagra, one of the largest AgriExpo in Easter Europe, introduced by Romanian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Daniel Constantin.

The feedback from LM10 has been sent together with an investment proposal. The local partners need to decide to include LM10 as an active investor or as a partner consultant of the project.

The Filipino Development Agribusiness Model implemented by LM10 will be replicated in Romania with the aim of expanding all across Eastern Europe.

Camelia Sucu is preparing to visit the Philippines to see some of the agricultural projects implemented by LM10 in the country and also to conduct business visit with our local partners in Manila.

The video below shows one of the potential areas where LM10 will develop one of the projects proposed to Camelia Sucu:

13 Feb 2013

With the objective of fully mechanized the planting, spray fumigating and harvesting of corn in the Philippines, LM10 Corp. have signed an exclusive agreement with Argentine agriculture manufactures Achilli – Di Batista and PRABA.

Monumental is an Argentine planter manufacturer leader in the Latin America market, developing the last technology; PRABA has conquered the market of the spray fumigators in Argentina and the Mercosur. Both companies showed a great interesting in introducing their technologies and developing the agriculture sector in the Philippines.

The agreement signed by the companies states the acquisition of two planters Model 4600 with 9 lines at 52 cm and two spray fumigators Model Andariego 3000 . These machines will be used for the Project being implemented by Siembra Directa Corp , from which LM10 Corp. is 40% owner.

“We expect this to be a first step towards to a more efficient agriculture in the Philippines”, said Nico Bolzico General Manager of LM10.