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We help bring agribusineess tech to the Philippines to grow, boost
and increase the productivity of your company.


We are LM10

At LM10, we believe in offering our technology with our capital. We have over 40 years of experience in Brazil and Argentina, and we partner with local firms in the Philippines to help them grow and boost their productivity. Together with our partners, we are actively investing in the agricultural sector in order to help transform the Philippines into an agro-export country.


What We Do

Grow, expand, and increase the productivity of your company with the Leading Know-How in Agriculture.

Group of Companies

Together with the help and support of its partners, LM10 has invested four different sister companies that focus in different agricultural sectors but at the same time they are all interrelated.

Diary and beef livestock genetics

Agricultural land developments

Processing of animal waste into consumable animal protein

Animal feeds productions

Team with us for a future together.

LM10 services include training of local technicians and workers, development of complete reports on existing agribusiness, process improvement, and technical and investment analysis, among others. LM10 has a panel of experienced and qualified experts in each field, providing a complete consultancy service for the agricultural sector.





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